Understanding and Overcoming Addiction Course

Effects of Drugs & How to Overcome Addiction

ABOUT THIS COURSE: The Understanding and Overcoming Addition Course teaches the student exactly what drugs are and the effects they have on the body, mind, and spirit (life). It explains how and why one becomes addicted to drugs in the first place. This course goes a long way in handling the problems of crime.

In some Criminon facilities, though not inside Washington DC DOC, our drug rehabilitation program uses this course coupled with an exact, drug-free regimen for freeing a person from the grip of addiction, that is, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

OUTCOMES: The short-term expected outcomes for this course include: understanding how and why a person becomes dependent on drugs and knowing exactly how the use of drugs affects their mind, body, and life.

The long-term expected outcomes are understanding how to become free of addiction and maintain a drug-free life.