The Way to Happiness Course

Restoring the Individual’s Self-Respect, Trust and Honesty

ABOUT THIS COURSE: The Way to Happiness Course is perhaps Criminon’s greatest tool in reforming those involved in the justice system, in restoring the individual’s self-respect, trust and honesty, and in preventing criminal activity from beginning in the first place.

The course is a common-sense guide to better living and centers on the booklet The Way to Happiness, a non-religious, common-sense code of conduct consisting of 21 precepts. Each precept on the course is studied to a full understanding, and in some classes is followed by lessons and practical exercises and assignments which actively demonstrate how these are used and applied in life.

OUTCOMES: The short-term expected outcomes are students will become aware of their own patterns of behavior and the consequences associated with them.

Long-term expected outcomes include internalizing the fundamental values in the 21 tenets of The Way to Happiness thereby restoring trust in themselves and avoiding a relapse into previous criminal and substance abuse behaviors.