The Criminon New Life DC Program

At the core of the Criminon Program are courses that can be done by any individual in any setting, location or facility. Each course directly addresses those factors which contribute to poor decision-making, negative life habits and a loss of personal self-respect leading to involvement in the criminal justice system.

Each Criminon course emphasizes hands-on application with practical drills and exercises that really bring home to the student why the skills and knowledge taught are so personally vital to him or her. That way, each Criminon student can embrace such skills and knowledge and then use it to break the chains that bound him or her to anti-social behavior, which is their negative behavior that can be harmful to themselves and others.

To give a better idea of the subjects covered, here is a complete list of the courses offered by Criminon.

Criminon Courses

The Way to Happiness Course
Restoring the Individual’s Self-respect, Trust, and Honesty

Learning Skills for Life Course
Teaching Literacy and Learning Skills

Communication Skills Course
How to Improve the Ability to Communicate Effectively

Recognizing and Overcoming Anti-Social Behavior Course
How to Handle the Negative Influences in Life

Understanding & Overcoming Addiction Course
Effects of Drugs & How to Overcome Addiction

Successful Parenting Skills Course
Parenting Skills & the Raising & Care of Children

Personal Integrity Course
Restoring Honesty and Responsibility

Improving Conditions in Life Course
Changing Conditions for the Better

More Information

If you would like more information about Criminon New Life DC courses, or if you have any questions, our Contact page provides the means to reach us.