Successful Parenting Skills Course

Parenting Skills and the Raising and Care of Children

ABOUT THIS COURSE: The Successful Parenting Skills Course offers some real help on how to raise children so that they can learn the value of honesty, what it is to be a productive and valued member of society, as well as how to live a life with happiness and love.

The exercises and drills also help the student with how to speak with children, and even how to teach and impart the precepts of The Way to Happiness, so the child may use them on his or her own.

OUTCOMES: Short-term expected outcomes of the Successful Parenting Skills Course include: a parent gaining knowledge and tools that increase a child’s well-being to the utmost.

Long-term outcomes include: being able to help your child build a stable, productive life in which they can become a self-determined, happy and contributing family member—and an asset to society.