Recognizing and Overcoming Anti-Social Behavior Course

How to Handle the Negative Influences in Life

ABOUT THIS COURSE: The Recognizing and Overcoming Anti-Social Behavior deals with establishing the skill to chart one’s own course in life, with honesty and integrity, and to spot and disassociate from those elements which tend to lead one astray.

The course teaches the participants the characteristics of both antisocial personalities and social personalities so that they can choose their friends and associates with care. The course raises awareness of their own attitudes and helps them be less susceptible to those who would have them revert to crime and drugs.

OUTCOMES: Short-term expected outcomes include developing the ability to recognize antisocial individuals while at the same time developing the ability to create positive relationships with social individuals. The course also raises awareness of their own patterns of social and antisocial behavior, thereby gaining an ability to engage in social activities. Long-term expected outcomes include regaining balance, achieving their life goals, and building a productive positive life.