Free Resources

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Download a Free Copy of The Way To Happiness book

Criminon’s keynote course is based on the book The Way To Happiness, a common-sense guide to better living and is a non-religious, common-sense code of conduct consisting of twenty-one precepts. Each precept on the course is studied to a full understanding, and in some cases is followed by lessons and practical exercises and assignments which actively demonstrate how these are used and applied in day-to-day life.


Download a Free Copy of the How To Make Good Choices book

How To Make Good Choices is based on the book The Way To Happiness. It is a short, easy-to-read booklet written for children, containing 21 common sense guidelines for leading a happy, successful life. Usually the book is read with a child (or children) by an adult. This could be a parent, a teacher or a youth leader. The adult makes sure the child understands the booklet and how it relates to their life.


Order Free Drug Education Materials Online

The Drug-Free World Foundation publishes the TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS education program and materials. The program consists of educational booklets for each of the major drugs, a 1 hour and 40 minute documentary film where former addicts tell their personal stories, the award-winning They Said, They Lied Public Service Announcement videos, an educators guide and more. The Foundation provides program materials from its website for no charge.


FREE How to Stay Well booklets and materials

As a public service, the Church of Scientology published an online resource center to provide basic information about what you can do to help keep yourself and others well. Available there are many free videos and booklets, as well as other materials.