Communication Skills Course

How to Improve the Ability to Communicate Effectively

ABOUT THIS COURSE: The Communications Skills Course helps participants to gain confidence and interpersonal skills to comfortably interact with others and communicate constructively so as to avoid conflict. It improves students’ ability to confront people and communicate clearly and competently. Students learn to recognize where communication has broken down in the past and why, so they can correct it in the present. Students learn how to remain calm in the face of hostility or adversity, maintaining self-control and how to handle the situation with communication alone – and without violence.

OUTCOMES: Short-term expected outcomes of this course are increasing confidence and the ability to communicate effectively; decreasing sensitivity to potentially upsetting situations; and increasing the participant’s ability to use communication as a tool to resolve disagreements, arguments, or conflicts civilly.

Long-term expected outcomes are reducing verbal and physical violence in which participants may engage, and improving relationships.